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Harmony Bay By Tom Gahan

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Ten-year-old James McDonough moves from the crime and violence of the inner-city to a New Englandish East Coast fishing town, Harmony Bay. His widowed mother, Dory, has taken a position as a librarian in this small town. Its economy is driven by the whims of nature, nor’easters boiling down the coast, hurricanes lurking off shore, and the barometric rise and fall of shellfish prices.

Relationships combine with places to play a part in James’ life story. James’ character is forged by events and his adventures in Harmony Bay. From harrowing life and death experiences on the water to forays into the surrounding hills, each day dawns with a new lesson about life. The boy encounters many wonderful individuals in his new home town.

Among them are a magnificent Newfoundland retriever dog named Angus--and Chloe, a beautiful white mare. Angus’ master Billy is a kindly closet intellectual and philosophizer who is a physically powerful man strong enough to split firewood with a single blow of his ancient axe. His snowy white beard and recluse nature causes speculation about his identity.

Marine biologist Jake Kane is the local hero who sweeps Dory off her feet, adding an element of romance to the story. James learns a great deal from Jake and the dozens of other colorful inhabitants of this amazing waterfront community.

Harmony Bay, written for a wide audience that appeals to many levels, examines a slice of small-town life. A modern day mystery, drawn from covert events of the American Revolution, weaves through the story...

Author Tom runs the gamut from newspaper columnist to feature writer to novelist. His freelance writing has helped build the image of various corporate clients. Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history, his well-received novel, earned a him place on an international list of authors at, "Writers You Should Get to Know." Harmony Bay is a required read at several high schools.

Additionally, many know Tom as the creator of NY State's largest outdoor music festival. This accomplishment earned Tom accolades and numerous awards including the prestigious Gold Key Award from his hometown Chamber of Commerce and two citations from the U.S. Congress. Tom was also named 2009's Civic Leader of the Year for his humanitarian work.

Tom is happily married and live on Long Island's East End in New York. To find more about Tom and Harmony Bay, visit:

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