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KastKing Phantom Kayak Fishing Rod - Spinning

KastKing Phantom Kayak Fishing Rod - Spinning

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Foldaway Leash Ring Micro Polish Blank Hook Holder Fish Measurer
 Low-ProfileLine Guides Shortened Handle Additional guides  


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KastKing™ rods have extraordinary features that are not available elsewhere and superior quality components that are only available on rods that cost hundreds more.

When fishing from a kayak or canoe in the sitting position, it's harder to maximize your cast without the benefit of your feet firmly planted on the ground. We kept this in mind while designing KastKing™ Phantom Kayak Rods and gave them features to cast farther with less effort.  

Kayaks can venture to tight places that many other boats can’t, such as into groves and shallows for sight fishing – casting accuracy is essential. We addressed that, too.

Space aboard a kayak is cramped, so we added features that help kayakers in limited space conditions.

Here’s a look at how KastKing Phantom Kayak Rods answer all of these challenges and are absolutely the best fishing rod to have aboard a ‘yak.

  • Micro Polish Finish Blank

KastKing™ rods undergo a unique process that leaves the rod bare and beautiful. The matte non-glare finish of KastKing™ rods comes as a result of a special technique that uses heat and pressure to compress the outer layers of the carbon fiber. The KastKing™ Micro Polish finish eliminates the need to sand the rod shaft blank resulting in 10% more strength than other rods.

Without a coat of paint or finish, KastKing™ rods are lighter in overall weight. Lighter weight means faster acceleration for farther casting distance with less effort. The Micro Polish finish eliminates the jacketing effect of a painted finish, which restricts movement and dampens action. KastKing's™ Micro Polish finish gives your rod incredible bite sensitivity since there is no insulating layer between the rod guide foot and the blank. You can feel even the tiniest nibble.

Inferior rods are given a thick coat of paint to cover blemishes and pock marks in the blank. These imperfections translate into decreased casting distance and performance. They can also lead to rod failure.

  • Perfectly Straight

KastKing™ rods are checked for straightness with infrared laser. Perfect straightness insures accurate casts.

  • Superior Quality Materials

Sometimes it's what you cannot see that counts the most.  KastKing™ fishing rods are made with the finest materials available. Special design, 30-ton, high-grade, tightly woven carbon fiber sheets creates the foundation of every KastKing rod blank. The extra tightness of the weave means farther casting, consistent action, and more power.

  • Cork Handles

KastKing's™ AAA cork handles are built with the best quality cork available. KastKing™ cork handle's texture gives great grip and a classic beauty looking.

  • Low Profile Line Guides

Low Profile guides improve the overall performance of the rod. Smaller guides allows for more guides to be used on a rod, which reduce line slap and distribute stress more evenly along the length of the shaft. Additional guides create more contact points along the rod that transmit information. These contact points translates to greater sensitivity and makes even the slightest tap easier to detect. Low Profile guides are closer to the blank and transmit more of these subtle vibrations.

  • More Guides - More Power - More Distance

KastKing™ Perigee and Phantom rods (patent pending) are engineered with a maximum amount of guides. Additional guides help the line exactly track the curve of the rod.  It allows you to use more of the energy stored in the bend for better Hook sets and more fighting power. Inferior rods with fewer guides spaced farther apart allow a bowstring effect that cancels portions of the rod's power.

More guides also reduce line twist in spinning applications. More guides create a slighter angle between each guide, which reduces the tendency for twists to push outward toward the lure. Line slapping against the rod blank on the cast reduces distance. There's a tremendous increase in casting distance and accuracy when there are more guides holding the line away from the blank.

  • Kayak Tuned

KastKing™ Phantom Kayak Rods are Fast/ Moderate action. This helps you net or boat your fish from a seated position and offsets the effects high-sticking. They are available in spinning and baitcasting models in Medium and Medium Heavy power covering most kayak fishing applications. Their tip sensitivity is second to none.

  • One Piece

All KastKing™ Perigee freshwater rods and KastKing™ Phantom Kayak rods (patent pending) are constructed on one piece blanks. While two-piece rods may offer a little more convenience for transportation and storage, they are no match for the smoother action and power of a one piece rod of equal length, diameter, and taper.

Less expensive rods are often made in two pieces for no other purpose than reducing shipping costs from the factory to the retailer.

  • Shortened Handle

KastKing™ Phantom Kayak rods have shorter handles that reduce the amount of arm extension and gives better control when reeling in a fish. More shaft length in front of the handle (compared to a same overall length rod) increases fish fighting power. KastKing™ rods are 7' which allows ample length to work your fish around the bow of your ‘yak.

  • Foldaway Leash Ring

KastKing™ Phantom Kayak Rods are equipped with a leash ring at the butt end of the handle. Never again will you have to wrap Velcro around your rod that gets in the way while casting or playing a fish.

  • Fish Measurer

Every KastKing™ Phantom Kayak Rod comes with a measuring ruler imprinted on the shaft. Space aboard a kayak or canoe is limited. This handy fish measuring feature eliminates the need to load one more thing. It's always in your hand and ready to measure your catch.

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Components

KastKing™ reel seats have hardened aluminum retainers that help transmit power and increase sensitivity. All components are saltwater ready.

  • Hook Holder

KastKing's™ Hook holder loop will accommodate any size Hook and keep it where it belongs.

  • 1 Year Incredible Total Peace of Mind Warranty

All KastKing™ fishing rods are covered by a 1-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects. In a time when other rod builders are decreasing the number of years of warranty; we are increasing ours. That tells you how confident we are in the quality of our fishing rods. We want you to fish with confidence.

Even better,  during the first 24 months after purchase, if your KastKing rod has failed due to any other reasons, including accidental damage, the rod will be replaced at a 50% discount (Yes, you can buy a new replacement rod at half off during the first 2 years). Please contact our warranty department for instructions.


Customer Reviews

Can't be beat for the price. Review by EliasV
This rod has become a multi-functional, multi-species staple for saltwater fishing in the northeast. I have been using it for blackfish jigging and vertically jigging stripers non stop for the fall. For spinning tackle I have loved it to jig rock piles for tautog in shallow water both on the south shores and north shores of Long Island. It will also skip a 1 oz jig head with a soft plastic wonderfully along the bottom for striped bass and bluefish. I haven't used it for fluke yet, but it will be a great bucktailing stick. Sensitive, but enough backbone for a strong hookset with braided line makes it a valuable asset. Recommend pairing it with a 2000 or 3000 level spinning reel. I use a BlackHawk Ecooda in 2000 with 15lb Kast King braid as my choice set up. (Posted on 12/15/2014)

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Photo by Jay Shimburski, Fishing Green Guide Servie, SC

KastKing Kayak Fishing Rod Spinning

KastKing Spinning Kayak Fishing RodsPhantom Kayak Fishing Rod

ModelActionGuidesHandle LengthHandle TypeLine Wt. Lure Wt. PowerRod Length Price Qty
Moderate Fast7+Tip8" Full-Grip AAA Cork6 - 14LB1/4-3/4ozMedium7'


Moderate Fast7+Tip8" Full-Grip AAA Cork10 -20LB1/2-1 1/2 ozMedium Heavy7'