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Surfcaster: The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide

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Surfcaster, The Ultimate Surf Fishing Guide is William A.

"Doc" Muller most comprehensive surf fishing book to date. The book begins with the history of the sport from the mid 1800s right up to the new millennium, gets the beginner started with a few nitty-gritty down-to-earth chapters on how to get started complete with tackle suggestions and estimated costs.

But that's just the beginning. Other chapters discuss understanding different beach venues from the ocean to the bays, casting and retrieving techniques, knots and leaders, six detailed chapters on lures that catch fish, catch and release, four wheel drive vehicles, bait fishing techniques, the pros and cons of joining a surf club, and setting up a productive strategy for consistent success.

According to Fred Golofaro, Senior Editor, The Fisherman Magazine, " He leaves no stones unturned... a total treatise on the use of every type of lure that belongs in the surf bag." Zeno Hromin, Editor-In-Chief of the Surfcaster's Journal Magazine says, "I was mesmerized by it...and I highly recommend it."

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